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International Debt Collection Services

Our multilingual collector Team allow us to speak around the globe and guarantee that requests for payment are not forgotten.

More and more creditors are requesting today the technical assistance of foreign debt recovery agencies instead of dealing with these problems directly.
We have the assets and know-how to collect cross-border, this is even our core business.

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Debt Recovery Agency

Wordwide and Multilingual

With our various international locations we are efficiently in a position to manage our actions to collect foreign business debts with almost any country.

Work With A True International Debt Collection Agency

We have a tailor-made approach exclusively built to take your directives fully into account, which is tactful and focused on payment pursuance. A strategy that always takes into account past client transactions but at the same time gets the debt paid off.

Place your place and have it worked the same day

We provide a debt collection process the same day that ensures we will execute an urgent strategy to have the debt paid on the day of instruction.

We have been the agency of first option for many well-known corporations in Euroe and the USA since 1995. We managed to recover thousands of company debts for our clients. We focus in preparing our way of solving the issue of your bad debt.

We'll always constantly provide you with updates.

We understand only too well that companies with a bad debt issue need a bad debt remedy covering all their bad debt accounts

We use the latest technologies and highly qualified staff to find previously "impossible to find" debtorss for our amicable and legal debt collection services. The result is improved effectiveness of automated letters and increased success in recoveries.

This debt collection approach and debt recovery strategy combined with our soft and hard collection calls is one of our secrets to collect more and faster than other agencies.

Debt Recovery Facts

Aplly the right Formula.

not working properly a file is waste of time and money.
  • 1
    Don't hesitate, more than anything, to place your file for debt collection.The longer an account stays outstanding, the less likely you are going to succeed in recovering it.
  • 2
    Firm yet courteous collection efforts are more likely to produce results than those which are upset, highly emotional or disrespectful. Being polite, firm and diplomatic with debtors is the best way to contact debtors and get positive results.
  • 3
    We will undertake every collection effort with the goal of collecting the full balance due. We don't go through our collection effort to demand a discount or long risky payment plan.

Recover Difficult to Collect Bad Debts is Our Job

Debt Collection Europe

We will solve The Challenge

of collecting debts you european unpaid accounts.
If your business, corporation or organisation is outside Europe, you may worry whether you would ever be able to recover your debts in this region.
Particularly if you're working with multiple European companies in various countries, you're probably worried you basically can't have any legal security if a payment dispute occurs with one of those debtors.
We are European and have all the debtor collectors and EU lawyers to get your monies back.
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Debt Collection USA and Canada

Use our performace and Know-How

as Collecting debts and bad debts from north america based customers may be particularly challenging for foreign creditors.
However, recovering debts from US and Canada based debtors is not an impossible mission as long as you have skilled local debt collectors and lawyers.
The work of professional and multilingual debt collectors has helped to reduce the financial issues related to international outstanding debts.
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Debt Collection South America

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Debt Collection Middle East

We're here to help.

We've helped thousands of customers achieve their goals.
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Average increase in customer care satisfaction for our customers.
* At least that's what they tell us!
Averaghe monthly collected payment
* Including payment plans
Average hours before we locate and contact the debtor
* we do provide skip tracing services
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We offer amicable, pre-legal and legal debt collection services worldwide.