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Our Team

Paul Muller

Responsable Pays Francophones

Paul est un expert en recouvrement de dettes internationales. Avec plus de 20 ans d'expérience dans le domaine, il a développé une solide compréhension des défis du marché et a su constamment s'adapter aux évolutions du secteur. Paul parle couramment 3 langues ( Français, Allemand, Italien ), ce qui lui permet de travailler avec des clients du monde entier. Actuellement, il travaille pour notre bureau á Strasbourg et continue de se développer professionnellement en apportant une valeur ajoutée à nos clients B2B.

Ana Pujol

Manager España

Ana es una experta en recuperación de deudas B2B con 10 años de experiencia. Con una sólida comprensión del mercado y un enfoque en el servicio al cliente, Ana ha logrado excelentes resultados en su carrera. Además de su dedicación profesional, Ana es una apasionada del deporte y disfruta del pádel y el tenis en su tiempo libre. Con su experiencia y pasión por el deporte, Ana es una valiosa adición a cualquier equipo de recuperación de deudas.

Daniel Ward

International Debt Collection Agency Laws Specialist

With over 20 years of experience in international debt collection laws and regulations. Daniel is a highly skilled professional who has dedicated his career to helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of debt collection across international borders. His expertise in debt collection is complemented by his multilingual abilities. He is fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and German, allowing him to communicate effectively with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. He is a true team player who thrives in collaborative environments, and he always goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients receive the best possible outcomes. In addition to his professional pursuits, John is an avid fan of Egyptian history. He enjoys reading about the country's rich cultural heritage.

Chiara Milanese


Chiara is a legal debt collection specialist based in our London offices. With 10 years of experience in the industry, Chiara is highly skilled in legal debt recovery. In addition to her professional dedication, she loves sailing, visiting her second country, Italy, and is a true lover of Italian cuisine. With her experience and fluency in both Italian and English, she is a valuable multilingual addition to any debt collection team.

Chris Torres

Vice-President USA

A seasoned professional in the field of sales and marketing with over a decade of experience as the head of sales in our global debt collection agency. At around 40 years of age, Chris brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is invaluable to our organization. Throughout his career, Chris has been instrumental in driving growth and profitability for our company, particularly in our B2B segment, where he has worked closely with some of the biggest names in the industry, including banks, hospitals, and global brands. His in-depth understanding of the needs and priorities of our clients has helped us deliver exceptional service and build long-lasting relationships with our customers. His strong analytical skills, combined with his strategic thinking and business acumen, have been instrumental in developing and executing effective sales and marketing strategies that have helped our company stay ahead of the competition. He is a natural leader who knows how to motivate and inspire his team to achieve their goals and deliver results.

Tomas Lopez

USA Based Customer Care Head

Tomas has been an integral part of our team for over 10 years now, and his multilingual skills and professional expertise have contributed significantly to our success.

After completing his studies in London, John returned to his hometown in Florida to pursue a career in customer care. His fluency in several languages, including English, Spanish, and French, has been an asset in dealing with our global clientele. Tomas has a knack for building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, providing them with exceptional service and resolving their issues effectively.

His efficiency and organizational skills are unmatched, and he has a remarkable track record of managing large teams and achieving targets. He is a true team builder and a leader who motivates his team to excel and reach new heights. His ability to communicate effectively in various languages has helped bridge the gap between our clients and the organization.

Okan Kaya

Head of Middle-East and UAE Regions

Our Vice President staff hailing from the beautiful Middle-Eastern region and based in the United Arab Emirates. Okan has been with us for a while now and we couldn't be happier to have him on board.

He is a finance whiz-kid who studied his trade in Istanbul and then went on to complete his degree in the financial hub of the world, New York. With such a solid academic background, it's no surprise that Okan is a vital part of our team.

When it comes to dealing with our corporate clients in the Middle-East, there's no one quite like Okan. He's got a vast network of contacts in these countries, which he's built over the years with his hard work and dedication.

Despite his high-ranking position, Okan is an approachable and friendly guy. He's always ready to lend a listening ear and offer a helping hand whenever needed. His colleagues and clients alike respect him for his honesty, reliability, and professionalism.

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