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We deliver better results, faster, through our skilled debt collection Team.

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One Goal: Collect your Unpaid Accounts.

We execute a 10 step program to guarantee all options for debt recovery have been worked.

Our success rate is second to none in the B2B collections industry.
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Let us show you how our debt collectors can help you collect the debt that is rightfully yours.
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We work each claim most vigorously.

Speed & High Success Rates

Our collectors are experts in international & commercial debt collection accounts. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence in debt recovery services.

If you need a compliant debt collector or collection agency, contact us today for a free quote.

We are proud to be a leader in the Collections industry and we take every measure and step to insure we are providing both world class results and a professional collection service our clients have come to expect. Here are a few of the account types we service:

Credit Card Collection Services, Medical Collection Services, Commercial Collections Services, Leasing Collection Agency Services, Credit Card Collection Agency Services

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Compliance Management

is taken serious at Intercol and our Compliance Officer has over 20 years in the collections industry.

We monitor our employees and all calls are recorded for compliance purposes and, reviewed daily.

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Data Security

is taken very serious by our debt collection agency and we take every measure to safeguard sensitive consumer information.

Our security policies are sure to pass any RFI and hacking tests.

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If you are searching for a collection service or have been looking for collection agencies like ours, you’ve come to the right place.
Collection agencies are under serious regulations and have a responsibility to their clients to be compliant at all times.
We take the laws that govern the collections industry serious and have zero tolerance for violations from our staff.

We will get you paid faster than any of the other Collection Agencies.

We offer full service business debt collection agency offering combative and stoong debt recovery services, worldwide.

We are extremely rapid in our daily collection efforts while maintaining the highest professionalism to guarantee that you have the final decision of severing or keeping business relationships. We help you to maintain your customer while having payment to you a prioritym anytime. We can help your business in getting your unpaid accounts “back on track” and having an healthy process for the future.

But just because we’re a debt collection agency doesn’t mean that we fit the mold.

Although we have 21 years of experience in the financial, healthcare and B2B sectors, we have since expanded our operations to benefit clients of all shapes and sizes.

Our ultimate goal is to preserve the valuable and trusting relationship between our clients and their customers. That’s why we custom-tailor each collection campaign to the individual needs of your business.

Through our efficient, cost-effective outbound telephone campaigns, we’ve been able to provide industry-leading results for our clients. In fact, our collection calls have been proven to generate faster, larger, and more numerous payments than the standard written collection notices used by our competitors.

But just because we’re a debt collection agency doesn’t mean that we fit the mold. We know that a commitment to our clients means a commitment to our client’s customers too, so we believe in treating our clients’ customers with the respect they deserve and pride ourselves in providing some of the industry’s best customer service.

We don’t just look to collect debt; we want to help every one of your customers make sense of their financial obligations and

Make better choices that will benefit them in the future.

This may not be the norm for most debt management companies, but it’s the basis of Intercol’s entire organization.

Because we understand that every client’s debt collection needs are different, we custom-tailor each campaign to best suit your company.

Litigation Collections

Although not the most favorable collection method, our on-staff legal department is fully prepared to handle all necessary litigation claims with professionalism and diligence. Court involvement is the most costly form of collections, so we always make sure that we have exhausted all other methods before resorting to this action.

Our flexibility allows us to provide a wide variety of billing options both for our clients and their customers, including online payment methods, auto-deduct payment options, and extended customer service hours.

Our 21 years of experience in the industry have given us a wide base of knowledge in handling all types of corporate accounts, from large-scale collection campaigns to a handful of accounts.

We follow your instructions at all times and ensure regular communication with you via collection reports, recommendations regarding debtor payments, payment plans and, where necessary, repossession and Court proceedings.
Worldwide Debt Collection Services

We Will Find The Debtor And Collect Your Payment.

How do I become a Client?

If you are interested in seeing how Intercol can satisfy your debt collection needs, we would love to speak with you!

To receive a complimentary review of your debt accounts and to determine the best campaign for your business, please use Contact Form to get started. There, you will also find ways to contact us via standard mail or ask non-account related questions.

How long does account set-up take for new Clients?

In most cases, we can have your client account completely set up and your debt accounts ready to be worked in 24 hours! It all depends on how quickly you want to get started.

Our online account submission process makes account set-up quick and easy: all you need to do is go to the Contact Us page and submit a sample of your debt accounts. From there, an Intercol representative will contact you to further discuss your needs and gather additional information.

What information is needed on my debt accounts when I submit them?

The more information you can provide about each account, the better.

However, our experienced skip tracers and debt collection specialists can begin working your accounts with only the debtor’s name, address, and the amount owed.

What characteristics should I look for when selecting a debt collection agency?  

Not all debt collection companies are created equal. However, neither are businesses, so the type of collection agency you use should depend upon your company’s collection needs, corporate values, and overall financial goals.

What works for one large corporation may not be the best option for another, and so on. The most important thing you should remember when considering which collection agency to hire is this: how do this agency’s goals for my debt account compare with my own company’s goals for this same debt?

If you find that both businesses’ philosophies and practices complement each other, you are more likely to have a positive experience and receive good results.

My company already has an in-house collections department. Why should I use your debt colelction agency instead?  

Using debt recovery services as a substitute to an in-house collections agency works for a number of reasons.

First, using a third party colelction agency is more cost-effective:
We receive payment only on collected debt, whereas in-house collection departments are paid wages by your company regardless of how successful the campaigns are.

Second, using debt collectors is more efficient: collecting on your accounts is all we do, so our focus will never be on other aspects of your organization.

We have found many times that using our solutions in addition to your in-house collections department is also beneficial because it allows your in-house collectors to focus on certain accounts and let us work the rest.
We especially see success with older, “uncollectable” accounts that didn’t get success from in-house collectors, so let us have the chance to show you what we can do!  

What are your collection rates?

We are proud to offer some of the collection industry’s most competitive, cost-effective debt collection rates.

Our rates are based upon a number of factors, including the number of accounts, length of time needed to collect, etc.

Please contact us to get the best rates and find the perfect collection campaign for your company’s needs.