What We Do

Account Placed

We start debt collection efforts immediately. If you have e-mail, the demand letters are e-mailed to the debtor as well as via postal service. We fully investigate the debtor to determine if it is a corporation, partnership or sole-proprietor.

This helps us determine who to contact, when and where. If we find that the debtor is not a corporation, we immediately try and locate a home address, social security number and other information on the owner.

Account Collected

If the account is collected in our office, we simply take our portion of the fee and remit the balance to you. If the debtor pays the account direct to your office, we simply bill you for our fee.

An average of 50% of debtors will pay the account directly to your office.

Persistent efforts

We continually contact the debtor with phone calls and demand letters by mail, e-mail and messages if possible.

Sending letters alone simply does not work. We all know where those letters end up! We even send our FINAL NOTICE by certified mail on accounts over $1,000.00. We have found that this really gets their attention.

We are extremely firm and diplomatic with the debtor and understand that abusive tactics simply do not work for debt collection, especially with businesses.
Skip Tracing

If we find that the mail has been returned or the phone is disconnected, we do not simply close the file like other agencies.

We have collected numerous accounts which first appeared to be uncollectible. Our highly computerized system allows us to search up to 200 million business and residential listings.

We can also perform asset searches, judgment searches, lawsuit searches, Corporate record searches, UCC filings and a number of other resource searches to obtain the most up to date information available on the debtor.

We are also now online with the same database used by law enforcement and detectives. We can usually find a debtor in a matter of seconds and obtain their social security number, date of birth, current address and other vital information.

If ignores demands:

If the debtor does not respond to our calls and demands and the amount is large enough for legal action, we forward the account to an attorney in the debtor's area.

Legal Debt Collection Options

Attorney Forwarding

All our attorneys are members of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and are fully licensed and bonded.

We have had experience with these attorneys for 20 years and know which attorneys are the absolute best for a given situation.

Legal action

The attorney will send out a demand letter and will contact the debtor for payment. A number of debtors will take this chance to make arrangements or to offer settlements to avoid legal action.

The attorney will advise our office of the results of their contact and will either request suit fees in order to proceed or recommend that the file be close if it is uncollectible.

You may then decide to have the file closed at NO CHARGE or to forward the suit fees if you wish to proceed.

Post-judgment debt collection

Once judgment has been entered, there are a number of ways to enforce debt collection. Bank garnishments are the easiest and most successful.

So remember to get bank account information on all your accounts. It really can mean the difference between collecting an account or closing it.

We try every option available from sheriff sales to debtor's exams in order to collect. The only time that we close a file as uncollectible is if the corporation is out of business, bankruptcy has been filed, no assets are located or the amount of the claims simply is too small for legal action and they ignore all demands.

You may review and check the status of your claims anytime you wish via our website. Once you enter the name and password, you will see your accounts.
You may then click on each account and actually read our collection notes.
You will always have the ability to get the status of a claim when it is convenient for you.