The person who is employed to recover unpaid accounts for creditors:

Debt Collector

Trusted debt recovery agents.

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Debt Collection Software
Our property debt collection platform can import thousands of accounts in minutes & send notifications in 12 languages via email and SMS.
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Diplomatic Handling
We work all accounts equitably, each contact with debtors is professional and protects both debtor and clients reputation.
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Customer friendly agency
Our statistics speak for themselves: more paying debtors, more non-breaking reimbursements and more kept commitments mean we're collectting more.
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2. Fast debt recovery actions.

As well as working on behalf of customers and recover commercial debts, our Team can also provide guidance on how they may best handle their internal debt collection processes, reducing their dependence on external support, such as costly BPO services.
3. Live Debt Collection.

Although it's of utmost importance to collect the money your company is owed, we do realize that you have a business to run.
We provide an online platform that our customers can access 24/7/365.
Clients can monitor their case, generate reports and get payment notifications.
We do provide international amicable and Legal Debt Collection Services
Get great insight from our expert team.
In all instances Intercol provides full service and support to all customers. We listen to the credit management needs of your company.
From collection letters sent on your behalf, one-off debt placement, all the way to complete outsourcing of receivables in your company name.
Our aim is to help you recover your debts overdue wherever your invoices are in the world.
Hire us without waiting, better will be the success rate.
We offer amicable, pre-legal and legal debt collection services worldwide.