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we evaluate the viability of each case extensively and provide you accurate recommendations about further actions.

Large Claim Experts

Our executives understand how it is to be a business owner and a businessman, because we have been associated with thousands of small and start-up businesses as entrepreneurs, shareholders, owners, executive managers employed, directors or senior advisors. The expertise we have acquired from these interactions enables us to recognise, search, identify and resolve a myriad of issues that small business leaders may encounter when they have unpaid accounts to recover.

Success & Collection The Right Way

We recruit multilingual collectors who speak the same language, know the local culture and have a clear concept of local rules. With the contact obstacle removed, access to speedy recovery is enabled, and the collection process is the same as our domestic recovery, anywhere.

Trusted debt collection experts

All collections will be carried out in a legal, ethical and competent manner. We respect your and our name and reputation in the business sector. We are continually working hard to help our customers connect with current and potential customers on a national and international basis, and our continued success has been founded on the delivery of a service that meets the needs of our customers.

Writing a letter of claim is a vital part of the debt recovery mechanism, Our specialists will formulate a letter of claim speaking on behalf of our customers that specifically outlines the debt owed, the payment requested and the period of time by which the payment(s) will be collected.

We will also be straightforward on the next measures within the letter of claim, which may include legal proceedings, should payment not be wired in time.
Why choose Our Services?

We offer several years of expertise in engaging with slow-paying debtors

and have gained a reputation for working and collecting unpaid international accounts.
  • 1
    A thorough evaluation of your delinquent debt or portfolio to provide a concrete assessment of the probability of collection and a preferred and cost-effective recovery process
  • 2
    Preserving Client Relations in strict confidentiality, anytime
  • 3
    Bypassing lawsuits whenever possible-the alternatives are mainly pursued by creativity and mediation

Maximize cash flow, Establish cooperation & trade relations between debtor & Creditor

There is no substitute for Know-How

When you are a client of ours

we go the extra mile to collect your unpaid accounts. We perform protocol audits at each step of debt collection level to guarantee maximum efficiency on each file. We solve your specific requests to bring you the highest success rate, always.
If you are searching for a collection service, or have been looking for collection agencies like ours, you’ve come to the right place.
Collection agencies are under serious regulations and have a responsibility to their clients to be compliant at all times.

We take the laws that govern the collections industry serious and have zero tolerance for violations from our staff.
If you need a compliant debt collector or collection agency, contact us today for a free quote.
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We are a commercial collection agency

And we will Work

Hard to collect from businesses that owe you money, in any country.
When looking for a collection agency, always make sure they understand compliance and local regulations.

Are you a business, and one of your customers have stopped paying?
Maybe you own a construction company and the work did not get done, or own a heavy equipment business and need a business collection service?

Business collection services, or commercial collection services are an essential part of every companies receivable program.

We offer a full range of collection services for businesses, and our business debt collection services can collect balances owed faster than anyone in the business to business debt recovery services.
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Time is of the essence

The longer you wait to hire a debt collector,

the harder it will be for your collection service to recover the funds owed to you and your business.
Don’t wait to place accounts until the business shuts down or the individual leaves the state.
We will professionally call your customers and work with them to pay the debts quickly, and without any sort of action from a law office. A business collection agency or a commercial debt collections service can help you get your money, without paying an attorney a retainer.
Debt collectors can make a difference for any businesses financial situation. The right debt collector can collect with compliance, and recover your funds quickly, without an attorney or any sort of legal action.
Contact us today, and make us your next debt collector service.
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International Debt Collection Experts

When your invoices are being ignored,

you may need the services of a debt collection agency.
Intercol offers insight on selecting the best collection options to collect your accounts receivable, past due accounts and bad debt.

Bad debt can reduce a business's or medical practice's cash flow very quickly.
Unpaid accounts receivable can harm the bottom line of all businesses, and smaller businesses are particularly at risk as expending resources to attempt to collect the money can be both a financial and physical drain.
Contact us without waiting and have your vash return into your bank account.
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* we will find, call, email and mail your debtor and keep you posted anytime
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Instant work efforts from the moment you place the accounts, we start calling and collecting
* State of the art location services that allow us to find anyone you place with us.

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We offer amicable, pre-legal and legal debt collection services worldwide.